Why I opt to op shop..

Okay this is a topic I get really enthused about. I don't mind admitting that I'm addicted to op shops. There is something about the thrill of the search - finding that one perfect thing you'd been searching for for so long - or perhaps coming away with a PILE of great things at an amazing price! When you're clothing four kids, this is a real bonus!
Some might say, but aren't these shops just for the disadvantaged? A fair point, but i think you'll find that the organisations running the op shops would dare to differ. Firstly they take a proportion of their donated goods and give them to people in need directly. Secondly, the op shops have a vital money making role for the organisations. The shops also rely on a high turnover - as people donate huge amounts of stuff, they need to get rid of it and quickly! It's also a great way of recycling used goods (less landfill) so is actually promoted as an ethical way to shop. I try to donate all our good quality used items so that others may benefit, and in my eternal quest to declutter... So what's not to like??
Today's bargains: Men's Country Road Linen Shirt (as new) $12; 2 girls's summer dresses $8; Baby Gap trousers + shirt $7; 2x girl's winter coats $16.
Kids also chose some great books, a digital alarm clock and ceramic santa candle holder $11.


  1. We are definitely kindred spirits when it comes to op shopping Sah - although, I think you manage to find better bargains than me if today's list is anything to go by - well done!!

    So glad you are blogging now...



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