Fairy dust

Fairy dust, shiny treasures, sparkly dresses, and flowery frippery...there is something instantly appealing about these things. Not everything in our lives has to be pink or girly (the three males in the house, make sure of that), but little touches of it here and there should be embraced and encouraged. I've always thought life is too short not to have at least a touch of glitter in your hair!

I love the girls in these dresses (Eleanore's is from elodie & elvis, and mim's is gap). We don't "do" ballet, but put them in a twirling dress and mad twirling usually follows! And if you know any little girls you've probably seen the prolific range of fairy books out there. They often have glittery covers and pretty, inane but harmless stories inside. One range, better than some, is the Delphi series by the real prima ballerina, Darcey Bussell. Occasionally I've reluctantly given in to the pleading and paid $10 (gulp) for one of these cute books. They're hardly literary gold, but I do love the way Mim, who isn't even reading yet, proudly carries them around with her, intently studying the pictures and words. So you can imagine how excited we both were to find a boxed set of Delphi books (28 to be exact! for $50) on one of our recent shopping trips. I've put it away for her upcoming 5th birthday. It might be her only present! A bit of fun and frippery, but hopefully a valuable stepping stone on her beginning journey of loving reading and books.

Another fairy thing for the girls I may not be able to resist this Christmas is a personalised pewter wand. I may even get one for myself (do you think it might help me with cleaning up?). As an 'artwork' for their door or above their beds.  Made by the gorgeous Lisa Leonard, check out her website: http://www.lisaleonardonline.com/  Jonathan met her husband last year when he was studying in St Louis, they have a great story and she is one gifted woman!

And now a book with a bit of sparkle for me is Treasured Notions: Inspiration and Craft Projects using Vintage Beads, Buttons, Ribbons and Trim from the Tinsel Trading Company. (https://www.frenchgeneral.com/)
Jonathan bought it for me last Christmas and I've swooned over every page since. Who wouldn't love to work for the Tinsel Trading Company? Pick me please, pick me!


  1. So pretty, loving the sparkly dresses....

  2. Wow - how did the meeting with Mr leonard come about? I have been admiring that website for ages and recently sent Toby a link...in hope...

  3. Mr Leonard (!?) is doing the same course as J. They are christians and have a son with special needs. Did you see if you sign up for Lisa's newsletter she gives you 15% off..?

  4. We love a bit of fairy dust at our house too... bought our very own edible star glitter last week!

  5. Oh that edible glitter is too fabulous for words! I hope you post pictures of how you use it - wand biscuits maybe?

  6. I just wrote "Mr Leonard" because i don't know his name - I don't know him from adam! Thanks for the tip - I've signed up now!


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