There'll be days like this..

I've delivered the kids late to school every day this week. Not monumentally late, but not in time for the bell or for lining up or, cringe, in time to file in to assembly. And today I forgot Mimi's library bag and card, which means she visits the library, but is not allowed to borrow a book to bring home. And then I was all set to go and help out in reading groups with Ellie's class. So despite being up multiple times in the night with the baby, I arrived outside her class room at 10.20am on the dot! Only problem was, as her gorgeous teacher kindly informed me, groups was at 9.20am. Doh. Must admit I had a short cry in the car after that as the list of this week's failures started to add up in my mind.
Got home with my 2nd takeaway coffee of the morning and tried to recall what had gone right this week instead. Mim had crazy hair day at preschool and I was quite pleased with my efforts (it involved glitter spray, cake decorations and pipecleaners); made a chicken risotto (using homemade chicken stock, not the bought stuff) that Eleanore described as "magnificent Mum!" and even Archie (with his 2 teeth) enjoyed; sold 2 items on ebay; had enough red velvet cupcakes left over from Ellie's birthday to put in everyone's lunchboxes; met two friends for coffee and a laugh, despite being over tired and emotional! Both friends were an encouragement, and reminded me that I'm not the only one who sometimes struggles to keep it all together.

It's true that some weeks the things that work out well, the next week will go inexplicably pear-shaped (and vice-versa)! So for all of you struggling to tick items off your to-do list without feeling like an abject failure, remember not to forget about the successes too, however small they might be.

Other things making me happy: roses from our garden; good books and lovely objects on my bookshelf.


  1. I've had some of those weeks this year Sarah and I only have 3 children. Good to be reminded of the successes. Happy children being a very "big" one of them!

  2. Yes good to keep perspective on these things I agree R! I was tempted to say everyone was clothed and not starving in my list of achievements:-)


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