Am I going dotty?

After 2 nights of interrupted sleep I was explaining to my dear old schoolfriend on the phone why we wouldn't be making the 3hr car trip to stay with her family as I'd planned.
"I don't know what's wrong with the baby! He was boiling in the night, he wouldn't lie flat, he's grizzling non-stop, and all snuffly!" I moaned.
"Any teeth coming?" she asked.
"No not that I know of, oh wait a minute - agh! Just two of the biggest front chompers I've ever seen! One's poking through, the other's just under the surface...Right, well, that answers that question then..."
I may be on my fourth child, but that does not mean I know what I'm doing! As I lay awake between 2 and 5am with a restless hot baby in my arms I reflected on the last 8 years of parenting. Actually, I was fixating on getting my old sofa recovered. I've seen some hot polka-dot material and I think it would look FABULOUS! It's good to keep perspective through these precious parenting moments...

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