Today's Op Shop Bargains

I just have to skite share - some days you can visit an op shop and find nothing of note. That can actually be a relief if you visit them as often as I do. Hoorah I've found nothing to buy - my purse will thank you. However, on other visits my purse is not so lucky. Today's great finds:
  • Men's Camper shoes in my husband's size ($12) - he has 2 other pairs of Campers also from op shops, and all have been in 'as new' condition;
  • A lovely silver plated covered butter dish ($4) - you can never have too much 2nd hand silver pieces in my opinion. They make your table setting look instantly glamourous in an old world sense (think Downton Abbey) are usually practical and full of history/character. Somehow ikea plastic doesn't have the same effect.
  • The August issue of Australian Country Style for 50c - contains a wonderful article on a gorgeous small house in Bowral; and a heart pattern for cross-stitch so basic even I might try it!
  • A great range of kids's books. The pirate picture book comes with a storytime cd - my kids love listening to stories this way. The Spiderwick Chronicles are one of Jesse's faves at the moment. Some great Walker picture books for Mim and Arch, and a Judy Moody Journal (unused) for Eleanore. ($11 total)

I'll try to stay away from op shops for the rest of the week. My budget for bargains is almost exhausted (and so am I!)


  1. Thanks for your lovely kind comments Nic. When our babies are more mobile, or we're less tired, maybe we can start some op shop trekking jaunts into the inner west..:-)


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