A few of my favourite things..

Spring is in the air and fresh bright colours are everywhere. Jacaranda trees are emerging - and like the wonderful blossom trees a couple of months ago, my kids and I enjoy counting how many we can see on the way to school.
So with all of the wonderful colours outside, I'm looking at colours inside my house with new eyes.

One exciting opshop find this week was a new box of multicoloured Laguiole french steak knives. They have a little metal french bee at the base of the handle - swoon! Still with their $50 price tag, the $15 I paid definitely wins my "bargain of the week"!

I've had four new cushions made out of the leftover fabric from my new blinds. While there was pressure to go with a plain (or striped) neutral, I was determined to get a floral. I'm really loving the duck egg blue background and burgundy/pale yellow/green design. Is there a nack to choosing a floral that is timeless and won't look like a 70's shower curtain in a short time? Botanical style prints always look good. I'm hoping my choice looks very good for a long long time, as Jonathan is not keen on the idea of changing them. Ever.

The great yellow art deco teacup was an opshop find. It has a chip out of the rim so I'm displaying it on my coffee machine, rather than using it. The yellow clashes a bit with my darker yellow walls, but I don't care. The wooden bird ($4.95) comes in black and white and is from the TYPO shop. I like popping them in unexpected places.

These cheap coloured frames were only $6 each from Myer, and were part of Eleanore's birthday gifts. I've framed some early photos of her + her birthday card from us. 
The gorgeous heart ramekins are a new lower-priced (chinese-made) range from Le Creuset. I love anything heart shaped and can't wait to use them at Christmas time.  I'm thinking they'll be perfect for my panettone bread and butter pudding.   As this is a favourite things post I had to put in a pic of my favourite china design: Victorian Chintz by Burleighware. It was discontinued a number of years ago, though there are occasional rumours of a reissue. I search for well-priced pieces on ebay when I have nothing else to do (which is not often these days).
Finally I've taken a picture of my favourite mug (by children's illustrator Anita Jerram for Whittard) which a lovely friend bought me after Archie was born (New baby gifts should ALWAYS include something lovely for the mother!). Some roses on the table, and coffee in the plunger... bliss!


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