Thursday, 1 June 2017

International Donut Day - Do Nut Miss It!!!


When I was a lot younger, FIMO was a huge craze. There was a woman in our church who was like an artist with it, making necklaces out of this superior clay material that were eye-wateringly gorgeous. Everybody wanted one. It was the 1980s after all..

There were the usual wildflowers and gum nuts, but the necklace i wanted was ice creams. I've just remembered all over again how much I wanted that life-like confectionary hanging around my neck (it was too expensive - fimo wasn't cheap, and my Mum couldn't be convinced it was a worthy investment in my fashionable self).

So in view of International Donut Day tomorrow (Who decreed this I wonder? The United Nations?), I typed DONUT JEWELLERY into Etsy and Pinterest and you'll never believe what came out!!!!

Fimo (Polymer Clay is its current title) and enough donuts to adorn every inch of your body.
If you were that way inclined.

Or do donuts any way you nut miss this opportunity...
Seed Heritage Purse

Kmart Beanbag

Sack Me Krispy Dreme Cot Set

Levi's Teeshirt from Myer
So whether you're a Krispy Kreme fan or more a do-nut mess with my cinnamon kind of gal,

Recipe here - oh yum
this is your day. Go for it. Find free donuts at your local.
Wear donuts.
Add some sparkle to your donuts...ooh I love these!

So who cares about FIMO?!
You don't want to experience FOMO over this major event....Do Nut miss it!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Books: Objects of Beauty

Oh dear, I have so many draft posts on my posting page it is just not funny. Alas, 'multi-tasking' has become like a swear word to me. It reminds me of all the things I'd like to do (like posting on this blog) and need to do (like cleaning the shower) but never in the busy flurry of life/jobs/schools/sport quite get around to doing any more... Fortunately I mostly still manage to:
a) feed the kids, and
b) collect books.

I got so excited about some of my latest bookish finds that I told the kids there was no dinner tonight, and sat down to post this instead.

LOL. Only joking (kind of).

So according to this article in the Guardian, the Kindle is fast becoming obsolete. Cue mad Bertha Rochester laughing by real book lovers everywhere (it can't just be me, surely?!!) Their clunky and decidedly un-hip technology it turns out, doesn't provide readers with the same memorable and enjoyable sensory experience of reading an actual physical book. It seems that turning real pages is actually an integral part of the process of reading. Who knew?! And what's more, recall and memory are inextricably linked to viewing the printed word on the printed page (please note this schools!!  - but that's another post I hope to get to, one day).

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

At our Beach, at our Magic Beach

Beach holidays where memories are made and your bed is full of sand.

Where people are buried...

And treasures are unearthed..

Where the days are long and you live more outdoors than in.