At our Beach, at our Magic Beach

Beach holidays where memories are made and your bed is full of sand.

Where people are buried...

And treasures are unearthed..

Where the days are long and you live more outdoors than in. 

Where tide charts are consulted and skies are blue. 

Where hours are wiled away, time is forgotten and everyone's favourite word is "periwinkle".

Where sticks are pens and your pockets rattle with shells. 

Where the moody (almost) teen complains that: the crashing waves are giving me a headache! And the littlest one whispers: How much longer are the holidays Mum? I haven't done everything yet...

Where castles are built and moats dug because everyone becomes an architect and a builder.

Where meals are often fried and washed down with milkshakes - because everyone knows milk cancels out oils and fat and well, hopefully the February diet will be more effective this year!

Beach holidays where we often look down, not because we're depressed (anything but!) but because life there is so fascinating.

Where colourful towels are draped around brown necks and everything smells like salt.

Where bonds are strengthened and smiles are wide!

At our beach, at our Magic Beach...

Happy Summer Holidays Everyone!


  1. When can we come? 👙🐬😁

  2. When can we come??👙🐬😁

  3. Let's go this weekend Nicole! I think we'll deserve a break once school goes back!! :-)

  4. Wow , i like and enjoyed it, Thanks for sharing

    1. It's a pleasure @Propisor - thanks for your feedback :)

  5. Beautiful Sarah! I think you should start on picture book authoring next!

    1. tee hee Anna, I wanted to write one called Magic Beach but Alison Lester did it first! :)


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