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World Cup 2018 and Winter Book Themes in the Library

Brrrr it's cold! Winter came quickly with the start of June - and coats, which a week before had seemed superfluous to our wardrobes, were hastily recovered and brushed free of lint, and put on over several other layers!

I've done posts on favourite Winter Picture Books in years past, when my kids were smaller. I still love picture books with all my heart. But alas, the kids have grown bigger and I'm working in a prep school library, so my winter themes have broadened.

Whatever age and stage you're at - I hope we're all in full agreement that WINTER = BOOKS. When it's cold out, a book is the perfect accessory (as well as that coat of course... and then there's hot chocolate....)

So my winter display for 2018 now includes sport. Yes folks, working in a boy's school will do that to even the strongest of conscientious objectors...

World Cup Fever is here! So I've dug out the best football (Soccer to Aussies) books for primary-aged kids to devour. Hopef…

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