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My Kids Can't Ride a Bike! (Parent Fail #3481)

"You hate me! You don't understand me! You said I was a problem child!!"
Help! The tween in the house was having a major meltdown! And yes, we may have accidentally said "Stop being the problem child!!!" But honestly, there were more important things to worry about, like how we'd got to this point in time without our four children knowing how to ride a two-wheeled bike??

No, we don't live in an inner city apartment. Yes we do have a big backyard. And yes, all the kids have scooters they've used for years. But no, it wasn't until the note came home about BIKE SAFETY DAY that the full horror of our situation was realized.

Miss Eleven announced she would be staying home on that day, as
a) Thanks to us she could not ride a bike, and
b) All of her friends could ride, hence she would be humiliated if made to attend.

I did what every responsible parent (who has forgotten to give their children bikes) does and promptly emailed the teacher. I got a love…

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