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Stories of the Holocaust for Kids

As a ten-year-old I picked up Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place and discovered the horror of the history of the Holocaust - since then I have read at least one holocaust story every year and sometimes many more. Many of these stories have made a significant impact on me in a myriad of ways. I think it's hugely important that these stories are told and retold, and read and re-read by young and old - the past must not be forgotten. Often it is through reading these stories that our world-views are formed, and that the qualities of kindness, honesty, justice and compassion are developed and cemented in to our psyche. These books remind us that good and evil exists. Not always a popular belief in this day and age. Also undoubtedly that humanity's inhumanity to fellow man knows no bounds.

However the human spirit lives on. And in the midst of horror there are still answers to be found.

And the biggest answers to the biggest questions are there too. Reading about the great powe…

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