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Great Gifts for Book Lovers

Finding a Christmas gift for a book lover shouldn't be hard, but sometimes finding something a bit different and inspiring can be surprisingly difficult. Here's some ideas for quirky and fun gifts that might just have your book-loving friend squealing with delight.

These book cover pins from Jane Mount's Ideal Bookshelf are adorable. Beautifully designed and enamelled, I can't gush about them enough. There are numerous covers to choose from - and there's even a deal where if you buy 4 you get 1 free!!
That means you get to keep four for yourself and give one away. Woohoo!!

Bookish candles. Here's a Narnia candle that will have you swishing through that pine forest in your (fake) fur in no time!

Collect a classic - get someone started on their own collection of classics. There are many beautiful editions of classic tales to suit every taste. It can be very hard to stop at just one set. (Yes I'm speaking from experience here.) Even some leather bound edition…

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