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Mother's Day Gifts - Last Minute!!

Flowers for Everyone (especially Mums)
So with possibly the biggest, quietest and perhaps even loneliest lead-up to Mother's Day of all time, many of us still find ourselves in panic mode at the last minute. We may have had many many many weeks of doing a lot less than normal, but that doesn't mean we're on top of things - or that we're ready for this day, or are even likely to see our own Mums (sob!) or family. 2020 is sure throwing up some challenges! 
The kindness pandemic - as seen on FB and other social media has been so encouraging - hearing and seeing the ways people have stepped up and looked out for others. Small glimpses amongst the bigger scenes of awesome ways our essential workers, government officials and leaders and communities have responded to the challenges before them. Putting other people ahead of themselves. The stories have been inspiring, like sharp rays of hope and light breaking through the sorrow and anxiety that has affected so much and so many…

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