Starting small with Christmassy things...

Sometimes small is good - it's Christmas cheer in small doses, which sometimes, in November at least, is all we can take. If you've tried (like I have) to stay on top of the clutter this year, there can be an impending sense of dread about a whole lot of big stuff coming in to your home over the Christmas period, and where (the heck) it's all going to go....

So think stocking stuffer size and get sniffing, because these mini candles by Ecoya in my favourite PINE scent are perfect!
And the candle will provide you with the real pine smell next to your beautifully small fake tree. Why not try embracing this  42cm triangular tree from Kmart. Not that embracing a triangle sounds like the best idea I've ever had ... :( But this can look totally adorable for a couple of weeks before you begrudgingly give in to the kids' begging and assemble the 8 footer from Costco you accidentally bought last week when you really only went there to buy toilet paper.

Oops, did someone say toilet paper? Head straight to Kmart (again), because sadly the Who Gives a Crap people have ALREADY sold out of their Christmas paper (although their non-Christmas patterns are still available).

Then there's the confectionary side of things. Lolly overload with kids is almost inevitable. And yet, Christmas Pez at least limits the lolly love into little tiny pellets.
Though seriously, who can stop at just one? I get my fix at Coles.

These Kikki K Christmas stickers and tags are very cute and will make you feel like you're getting organised. So what if you haven't actually bought any gifts yet, you have the tags for when you do!!

And here's a nice subtle way to bring some christmassy cheer into your wardrobe. Not too over the top and pretty gorgeous from David Jones.

Or if you have the bracelet, then Pandora has the charm:

So maybe that's enough of the teeny tiny christmassy things and you're ready for something a little less subtle. December 1 is just around the corner after all....and soon my Uncle's house will be looking like this! Only better, because this was so 2013...


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