Great Gifts for Book Lovers

Finding a Christmas gift for a book lover shouldn't be hard, but sometimes finding something a bit different and inspiring can be surprisingly difficult. Here's some ideas for quirky and fun gifts that might just have your book-loving friend squealing with delight.

These book cover pins from Jane Mount's Ideal Bookshelf are adorable. Beautifully designed and enamelled, I can't gush about them enough. There are numerous covers to choose from - and there's even a deal where if you buy 4 you get 1 free!!
That means you get to keep four for yourself and give one away. Woohoo!!

Bookish candles. Here's a Narnia candle that will have you swishing through that pine forest in your (fake) fur in no time!

Collect a classic - get someone started on their own collection of classics. There are many beautiful editions of classic tales to suit every taste. It can be very hard to stop at just one set. (Yes I'm speaking from experience here.) Even some leather bound editions are not expensive.
Choose one or a few and wrap in a brown paper package tied up with string.

Bookends are always useful and these cute cockatoos will keep a crazy eye on any collection - find them at Matt Blatt.

Giving new meaning to the term 'book bag' these satchels are like an oversized book, ready to hold plenty of regular sized books, and a water bottle, and laptop, and maybe some more books.
Why not?
I'll drink to books anytime. Especially in a book inspired mug. Etsy has a fantastic range.

Pop vinyls are a thing, and if you haven't discovered them yet, you don't know what you're missing out on. Traditionally the little life-like characters are inspired by movies - and as so many movies come from great books, the array of literary pop vinyls keeps on growing. It's impossible to stop at just one, hence this box is a 2-pack.

Book inspired takes on classic board games make a great family gift. Perfect for any word-loving young muggles.
Wearing this gorgeous antique-styled necklace of old tomes will appeal to the romantic reader. Tell whoever you're giving it to that it's actually a portal to their favourite library.
They simply need to believe...

And staying with neck coverings, these literary scarves will be just the thing for anyone who finds themselves stuck on public transport with no book and a dead phone. Read the scarf! Okay so it's only one page of Pride & Prejudice screen printed on to this lovely cotton fabric - but it is a truth universally acknowledged that any book lover must be in want of a good scarf...

And finally storage is always an issue for any book collector. It's where the e-book readers like to boast that they have the upper hand.
Yeah Yeah.
That's when you get to quote Cicero to them:

A Room without Books is like 
a Body without a Soul. 

Case closed. 
This rustic bookcase from Temple & Webster is gorgeous. It doesn't say on their website that if you buy four you get one free, but it would be worth asking.


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