2nd last day of holidays..and counting!

I think we made the most of our second last day of school hols today. J took eldest son Jesse bowling. They had a great time, and no he didn't remember to take any photos..
Eleanore (6) went to a dinosaur party. It was raining but they managed to play most of the dino-games successfully inside. She was chuffed to come home with a bag of dino lollies and 2 prizes (dino stickers and a puzzle).
I took Mim (4) and Arch (9mths) to a near-by shopping centre. We ate from a well known fast food outlet while watching other people iceskate. Arch had a meltdown in a shop and i scooped him out of the stroller, which unfortunately tipped over with my takeaway coffee emptying on to the floor. I won't bore you with the rest of the details, but can I just say for anyone left in the world who doesn't already know this: Tired children and shopping centres do NOT mix! Stay home people. I certainly wish i had. That said, it's been a great 2 weeks and I'll be sorry when it's over.


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