Decorating with Letters

Decorating with letters gives you the chance to be profound or funny, either way, you can prove you are literate and stylish. A great combination if ever there was one! Some decorating mags use letters made out of real zinc or genuine fake ebony. You can expect to pay about $200 - $500 per letter. Hence they'll display one letter alone on a mantlepiece or stuck on a wall. I've never understood this. It doesn't seem profound to me to have an "N" above your fireplace, or a lonely "A" on your wall. It just seems silly.

Recently I've discovered some great little shops called TYPO, they have a fabulous range of letters, in numerous styles and they are not expensive! I especially love the red letters, which are made out of metal, and the smaller square letters that are like scrabble pieces. I'm currently displaying "READ" on my bookshelf (double layer decorating I call this) and "LOVE" (on top of a cupboard, next to my favourite holiday photo and fave cookbook - love them both!), and have "JOY" ready to bring out at Christmas time (though may bring it out earlier if term 4 is getting me down). I've bought gifts of "EAT" for a friend's kitchen and "FUN @ HOME" for my brother.  The possibilities are endless..


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