A Good Shoe is Hard to Find

I wanted to write about favourite shoes today. Now that the days are warmer, and the cold and rain is starting to fade from memory, I've been delving in to the back of dark cupboards searching for that elusive item: an attractive and comfortable summer shoe! One problem  with shoes is, that by the time you know you've got a really fine pair (and by that I mean ones that look stylish, are comfortable and go with many of your favourite outfits) they're half way to falling apart, and there's no chance of finding another pair like them! 
Check out a pair of my current favourites: wedge heels that are made of canvas with rubber soles (like a sneaker!). In fab black and white and the flattering mary jane style, they've been my staple pair for the past 3 months. They were a walk-by find in a department store, reduced to $30 from over $100! My only regret is that I wasn't brave enough to also buy a pair of red and white ones, because, you guessed it, they've all gone now!!
The smaller shoes in the photo are of some cute silver leather sneakers I bought for Archie. They look great on him and were warm in winter - until he worked out how to pull them off. So now I'm paranoid about losing one. They'll probably only fit him for another month or two, and then will definitely go in to my bag of "treasured" baby items.
The red pair (above) are some I was bidding for on ebay before being sniped at the last second (doh! don't you just hate that! unless you're the sniper of course..) This shoe company from Spain makes character shoes for kids that are just too adorable for words! Eleanore has some pink spotted princess ones that make any outfit look special and when Mim was a toddler she wore out a pair of red and white bird ones. I also have a fantastic pair of red and blue pirate sandals tucked away for when Archie is walking. They are one of the things I keep an eye out for an ebay. I just wish they came in adult sizes!


  1. Love those red shoes! Check these out - just got some for Clemmie (sale!)



  2. Oh no Kat - what is this website? i did not need to know about another way to buy excellent shoes, really, i didn't!


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