Keeping time..

I have a thing for diaries. I love the look of them, the feel of them, the order of them - which is sort of funny, cause I'm not a super-organised sort of person. I've used many different sorts over the years, I keep notes in them, write appointments obviously, but for each year, whichever diary I'm using becomes a part of me. I've had the more business style ones, arty ones, large and small sized ones.
Earlier this year I just happened to visit a closing-down Borders store..Okay I was staking out a closing down Borders Store, well three stores actually, although I mostly went to one, that was my favourite. I had my eye on the filofax cabinet and was determined to nab a bargain. I'd had a bookish sized red one in the '90s that I'd used till the binding all split, and I'd tried one of their soft cover ones which fell apart before the year was even through. This time I wanted to try the smaller pocket sized model, in leather and in a groovy colour. As the closing day drew near, the discounts rose. 25% off, became 50% off, then 60% off, oh the agony! Finally it was 75% off everything, and for once in my blessed life I was in the right place at the right time. I elbowed my way through aimless shoppers to the now not so sparkling glass cabinet. I was abit surprised more people weren't looking, if you've survived a post-Christmas shoe sale this was a piece of cake! And there they were, the pocket sized leather Finsburys in swoonish raspberry or antique rose snakeskin patterned leather. Zip pocket-check, pen holder-check, to-do list-check, plastic ruler-check. Heaven! As I stood deliberating over colours, a woman was remonstrating with her bored looking teenaged daughter. "Look Brittany" she said, "they're leather!" The teenager could barely raise an apathetic eyebrow. "You can use them for years and years", the mother persisted. "It's a diary!" The girl smirked. "I have my phone Mum."
The mum threw up her hands and off they went, empty handed.
I did abit of smirking myself. A phone! I thought, fancy using your phone as a diary when you could have this beauty! I mean what is the world coming to I ask you?
And a couple of photos from Eleanore's birthday day!


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