Eleanore's turning 7!

Eleanore came in to the world 5 wks earlier than expected, and her arrival followed me being admitted to hospital at 33wks for enforced bed rest. ("enforced bed rest" why do those 3 words seem so attractive I wonder?) While obviously this was a stressful time, my (dimming) recollection is now strangely serene. I remember watching lots of tv; reading magazines (kindly delivered by a steady stream of girlfriends who visited - thank you!); lattes in the hospital cafe; I even got my hair done at the hospital salon. I had the biggest room with the best view and ate through the entire hospital menu (which was strangely good, probably cause I wasn't the cook).
Jonathan on the other hand during this time was at home with our 16mth old son, juggling work, babysitters, house cleaning, eating peanut butter toast for dinner and trying to visit me. Not so fab for him! 
Meanwhile we were praying our baby would hold off being born and when she did finally arrive, be safe and well. It wasn't quite the scenario I'd imagined, though thankfully everything worked out fine. When Eleanore did finally arrive home I remember looking at this tiny baby with an angel face and feeling such love I was awe struck at the wonder of it all.
And even though this tiny bubba was so small, when she looked at you, there was a real glint in her dark and determined eyes. As one of my dear friends announced on holding her: "This girl has spunk!" And she was right. This girl did, and does, indeed have spunk.
Maybe it's having an older brother so close in age to look up to (and catch up to), maybe it's something to do with starting off life abit early and small. Maybe it's just the inbuilt personality God has given her, but with Ellie there is never a dull moment. She is full-on and fiery, fun and frank. She is a great big sister and an enthusiastic, competitive, sensitive, tough and loving daughter and friend. I admire her already and Jonathan and I are praying she'll take her strength and determination in to the future, maybe learn to do things a bit more quietly, and love the Lord with all of her heart, soul, strength and mind. We can't ask for more than that.


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