The Hair of Shame

It's not irking me THAT much, but having a bubba about to turn ONE who has little, okay, NO hair, is a tiny bit disturbing. It's not that he's not cute, and chubby and smily and kissable like pretty much all babies are. And it does sort of give him an air of mystery as, a year on, we still get to wonder exactly what he's going to look like (with hair I mean). I think this photo was taken of him just as he wondered what life will be like for the next 12 months, with no hair...

Out of my four children, three were born with no hair. Jesse (the abberation) had a blonde spike down the centre of his head (yes, born with a little mohawk, how cool is that?) that looked so cute and everyone commented on it. I'll never forget my astonishment at being asked (seriously) by a girl in my new mother's group, what product I used to make it stand up. Um, what?

Mim had no hair for the first year, and then sort of grew this wispy hair that took another year to get to her shoulders. I look back at the photos now and wince a little bit, because the hair so needed to be cut off, or at least trimmed. But obviously I was so keen on cultivating the little hair she had, that I was not letting the scissors anywhere near it. I'll try not to make the same mistake with Arch. I'll take the approach of a chinese friend of mine, and if the hair is wispy and weak, I'll shave it all off in the hope it grows back thicker and stronger.. at least I will if I'm brave enough.

Mimi: Cute but bald baby

Mimi: 5 year old with great hair


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