BOOKS: Wish List (part 1)

Here are 2 great books I can heartily recommend for Christmas gifts if you're looking for inspiration. And then one I'm hoping (big hint here, family) to get my hands on over Christmas...(it doesn't hurt to hope).
Apples for Jam is one of my all time favourite cook books. Beautifully produced with gorgeous photos that have a nostalgic family theme (I have a thing for red shoes, so this book won me on the cover!). Kiros's recipes are practical, tasty and versatile. This book is a bit more general than some of her others, and is very family friendly, I love that she often advises on what to add or subtract to ensure kids will eat it. The chapters are divided by colour - so if you feel like eating something red, her tomato lasagne is fantastic!

If you're after a great read for your mother, sister, an aunt or friend, you can't go past Kate Morton. The Forgotten Garden is her second novel, the first being The Shifting Fog which was equally compelling (think Downton Abbey). This one has a more Australian flavour (though much of the story is actually set in the UK) and is a captivating and atmospheric story of secrets, family and memory. I love the covers of her novels which look moody and mysterious facing out on your bookshelf! (can't do this with an ipad folks)

Here's the one I'm hoping to snaffle this Christmas. I had a quick browse in the bookstore and the photography was heavenly. Interior shots of wonderfully dark and glamourous restaurants and hotels oozed that unique NY style and buzz. Taschen's take on things is often unusual and I'd love to discover the quirky places that your normal safer style-guide probably misses. I might actually get to visit the Big Apple next year (first time!) so this book would obviously be for research purposes as well as providing some decorating inspiration in the meantime.. (there's also London, Berlin and Paris in this series - ooh la la!)

Will bring more great book and gift ideas soon, but am trying to ease in to the whole Christmas gift buying cycle...I don't want anyone to panic just because there is only 50 shopping days left!!!!!!


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I borrowed Forgotten Garden from the library. It is quite a good read. I found a few of the actions - by Nell and Eliza - not quite credible (at least to me). I have Shfiting Fog as well so will get on that.

    Your blog in general - more than this topic - is very interesting. It is so beautifully written and your photos are gorgeous - both of children and items in shops.


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