Note to Self

What makes a good homewares shop? It mustn't be pretentious, in manner or content. Decorating should capture your imagination and heart. I want inspiration, practicality, glamour, innovation, vintage treasure, old mixed with new.. Is this too much to ask or expect? Sometimes..

Since I never get to shop alone anymore, and having children in tow usually means browsing is brief, the shop must a) hold my attention, and b) not be so highbrow that the items are alienating or astronomically overpriced. I want a range of beautiful and eclectic objects that make me think: "Yes! I know just the place for that!" or "That would look perfect with...", "That's a look I could try..." or "I never thought of that before!".

It must have the Ahhhhh factor. Catching sight of the window display you step into a  new world of delightful and endless possibility. One such shop I've discovered, is called "Note to Self", in Epping. The creative and friendly women who own it choose beautiful things and display them in such a way that, well, makes me go: Ahhhhh. Whether it's sparkling glass ware with delicately embossed designs on a silver tray, rich velvet ribbon on vintage wooden spools, silvery mirrors and scented candles, antique knives, exquisite books and cards,  thick garden twine, silk flowers and topiary (I seem to have a weakness for all these things)...there is something for everyone (um except maybe the minimalists of this world, sorry, this shop is probably NOT for you). Labelling themelves as offering eclectic style and seasonal living, I can always find something decorative, unusual and useful. It is perfect for finding that elusive gift. Obviously at Christmas time this shop is just wonderful!

I usually buy one or two new decorations each year (okay maybe more than one or two..)         

Enough to make the most committed minimalist reassess, don't you think?


  1. Oooooohhhhhh nice. My in-laws live in Epping. Must visit soon.

  2. Hey great shop. Is that owl a decoration? Looks like an owl cookie jar I have been pining for on anthropologie. Cheers lisa

  3. Yes Lisa, the owl is a decoration. How cute is he?!! I've been admiring the anthropologie latest items too. Will look out for the owl cookie jar - hilarious. sbdx

  4. Wow Sarah, I am reading your blog for the first time and I love it. Normally I never have time to get on Facebook but we're in
    Bath,England and Will (my five year old) has been up since 4am...joys of jetleg!

    Anyway, I'm going to sign up as your stories and photos are amazing.

    Natalie VInton xoxo. Ps CHristmas markets in Bath are getting set up for opening night on THursday and I can't wait.

  5. Hi Natalie, thanks for your lovely kind words. It is so nice to hear from you! I am swooning at the thought of the Christmas markets in Bath - I hope you have the best time (even with a wonderful 5 year old in tow!) sbdx


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