A milestone has been reached!

I am pleased to announce: we have a crawler in the house! Yes, at 10.5 months old he is the fastest of our 4 to reach this milestone! Now I am NOT a milestone counter - I am terrible at remembering first words, smiles, first walking and so on (actually, just getting everyone's birthdays right in my head is a challenge) but I am pretty sure no one in our house has crawled earlier than this. And boy is he proud of himself!
So I was only slightly hurt this afternoon when I did my usual encouraging "Come on Arch, come to me - you can do it!" to which he looked at me and then promptly swung around and crawled off in the other direction.

Sigh. I do love them at this age and I love to see them developing and getting bigger and stronger. But that crawling away is a sure sign of things to come.


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