Starting Something New

Today Mimi had her first day of Kindergarten Orientation. I wasn't sure how she would go, she has a confident big brother and sister, but sometimes her shyness can take over. Luckily for both of us, the excitement of lining up with the other kids to go down and see the classroom won out over any brief thoughts of missing Mum. I'm glad (okay, just a tiny bit sorry) there hasn't been many moments of great separation anxiety in my family!

It got me thinking that there is often something a little bit scary when starting a new thing. I know when I had my first baby (no this won't turn in to a labour/delivery story!) I was pretty darn scared. Not having held a baby more than twice in my life suddenly didn't seem like such great preparation when I finally had to take care of my own!

Sometimes it's the lack of preparedness, or fear of the unknown, or even just fear - of failure, or success.. that stops us from feeling confident or brave enough to branch out.

Anyway, I'm glad I finally overcame my fear of blogging and gave it a go. I've so enjoyed posting thoughts, photos and other assorted ephemera here and can only hope that LOVEDECORATELETTERS brings a little bit of fun into your lives too. Thanks for the kind words, comments and encouragement so far. I really appreciate it.

And now, my latest bargain finds:

Great discounted books from Dymocks for some birthday and Christmas gifts; Belle princess plate from the Royal Doulton Outlet store at DFO was only $9 and will be loved by Mimi for her upcoming birthday; this fab purple glass fruit bowl from Target was only $3 (there is a smallish chip in the rim, but I decided for that price I could pretend it wasn't there).


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