Christmas Countdown

On December 1 we will start our adventure with the Advent Calendar. I'll admit last year we almost gave up. Oh the fights it caused! One child (called: Anonymous, for the purposes of this post) would get up before all of the others. They would rifle through the drawers, peeking at what figure from the nativity was coming next, and change it depending on whose turn it was to unwrap. Anon would then not be able to contain themselves and burst out with "It's a sheep" before the other child had opened the drawer to find out for themselves. Oh the howling that followed!

This year the Advent Calendar will take pride of place on top of the the highest bookshelf. We will gaze admiringly at it from afar, kind of like the shepherds did long ago with the star..

 House decorating is slowly taking place. I'm trying to keep the interior decorating tasteful..

which will sort of make up for the tree (which is bright, chaotic and sort of over-adorned with tinsel) so probably not "tasteful", but who cares?!

Mimi has made another angel for the top of the tree (thank you crafty mums at playgroup!) so we've added her to the tree, along with last year's angel, who was a bit more quirky and didn't want to get left in the box this year all on her own. This heart is one of my new decorations (from Note to Self). Am loving the silvered glass look with the old-style wire. Sort of glam meets pioneer. Also got some fantastic silvered glass ornaments for the tree (am hanging them high up the tree on account of the crawler). They were reduced to 49c each in Target - I found them shoved in a corner last February and have been excited all year about getting them out!             
Am also loving that the Christian radio station ( is already playing a wonderful selection of Christmas carols. I've downloaded (legally!) the new Michael Buble Christmas album (it's okay) and have got out my old Amy Grant favourites. My other favourite of the last few years is CeCe Winans "His Gift". It makes us all sing our hearts out on the school run, and reminds me of all we have to be thankful for this year...


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