Meeting for coffee


I read somewhere this week that mothers/parents spend around $35 a week on coffee. $35! That's terrible! I thought. And then I added up how much I probably spend...ahem. 
Moving on, I realised where I spent a lot of my time when for Mim's preschool project of looking after Scribbles the Bear (pictured) for a week, we took photos of him and her in about 10 different cafes.
Needless to say, when a friend rang this morning and suggested we meet for coffee, I suggested my house as a venue. I hadn't used the coffee machine for about 6 months but it's not THAT hard!  Hmm. Well, the coffee tasted interesting. Maybe using the coffee grinder to crush cloves for the spice cake wasn't the best idea I've had. There's certainly much to do when trying to replace your favourite coffee shop! I put some cool music on the random play and got out some good cups.

I didn't actually ask my friend to rate my kitchen over her favourite coffee shop (she's from the Central Coast and there's not many good things happening in coffee land up there) but I think it was all passable. We had a great time catching up - and it was nice to have seconds of the cake without worrying about how much it was all costing. The kids were able to run around and the baby had a bit of a sleep. Of course when it was all over, I had to clean up a bit and am now feeling a little tired. There's not much time for a nap though, well, not if I'm going to get that takeaway latte before the school run!


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