We are going on a summer holiday (soon!)

When I first met my husband I found out that for most of his childhood, his family had always visited the same beach town for holidays, staying in the same beach shack that an old uncle owned. Coming from a family that had had hardly ever visited the same place twice for holidays, the idea seemed ridiculous. Fancy always going to the same place I'd scoffed! (was obviously trying to impress with my attitude). I mean, how boring and mundane. Right?   
Well, skip forward a while, and for the last 8 years, our growing family has visited that same beach town, every year. The beach shack has long gone, but we've stayed in ones just like it. I discovered that (particularly with small kids) there are many benefits to finding somewhere you really like, and sticking with it. There are no theme parks or shopping centres and we know where the best beach spots are; where to bbq without mozzies or flies; the best place for milkshakes on a lazy afternoon; the best place to take your boogie board if you want to catch a wave...We're members of the local library there and often catch up with  friends (some locals and others holidaying like us), savouring each moment of a time in the year when life seems to slow down a little.

Our kids have a multitude of happy memories from this regular holiday spot. And so far we haven't found a reason to change the tradition. The countdown is on until we return. We'll check it all out to see what's changed, and what never seems to. And for a blissful couple of weeks, we'll swim and build sandcastles, play boardgames, eat icecream and laze  around reading. Can't wait!

And as you can see, our new crawler has become a very busy boy. So many cupboards, so little time!


  1. Sounds glorious! I am sure that thoughts of this should keep you going through the next month of craziness...


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