Warm Winter Wanderings

We did our usual holiday dash to the mountains this week. The first chance to see my parents in almost three months,  which was way too long a break for my liking. A big overseas trip was unintentionally extended due to my Dad getting sick but now that they're home there was plenty of happy memories to share. It was an added bonus to land there on possibly the two warmest days in July! The sky was a perfect blue and while the air was crisp it was nowhere near freezing (at least until the sun went down). I was only slightly disappointed we didn't get to wear our big coats, because lolling around in the warm sun drinking endless cups of tea was a luxurious way to wile away the time.

We made one visit to the lovely Leura to check out the toy shop and lolly store, where the choices were seemingly endless. Small but carefully considered decisions were made and there is something satisfying about seeing happy kids with $2 each well spent on Zappo Bars.

For most of the days Mum, Dad and I sat and talked, while enjoying the garden and playing board games with the kids (Two new favourites, a Wind in the Willows board game with gorgeous painted figures, Mum picked up in a London op shop, and another fabulous one that kept the older kids enthralled was called Say Cheese).

Both inside and out, Mum and Dad's house is the perfect Mountains home. The gardens are full of interest with towering trees, fluffy wattle and the first daffodil standing proudly. Crunching around on the gravel paths Arch was fascinated by everything and didn't even tip into the fish pond despite his best efforts. Inside there are dressers covered in china and stacks of books on shelves, handmade treasures (Arch loves the handmade sheep) and photos and pictures propped and hung everywhere. It gives me a happy endorsement (not that everyone thinks I need this) that my aversion to minimalism is genetically endowed.

Sipping tea out of the Villeroy and Boch winter mugs while nibbling on chocolate biscuits is not part of the diet plan, but when coupled with precious family times it works wonders on the soul!


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