Living life to the luxe

Most of us are okay with NOT living the high life. Anyway, I'm sure the chateaus in France are badly heated, and a wardrobe from Fifth Avenue would still leave you with those tiresome "nothing to wear" days.

But occasionally, while flicking through a magazine in the doctor's surgery (where I've spent some time recently, due to a bruised but thankfully not broken finger on Master Nine) or when watching something on tele that makes you sigh (yes, the Hamptons House on Revenge does hold some appeal) there can be a twinge of 'hey, my life lacks glamour'... which doesn't have to lead to a dark cave of despair, or worse still envy. No! We're not saying our lives are rotten, but just that once in a while we'd like our lives to feel a tad less ordinary, or a smidgen more glam, or a, well anyway... here's some ideas...

... of a few ways you can add that something special, without breaking the bank, and while staying true to self. Whether you're a run-down Mum with too many others to look after and no time for yourself (HELLO!) or a waning career girl who's not sure her path is taking her where she wants to go (um, surely I'm not the only one who's been there done that too??)... these ideas could appeal to you...


Now I love this play on words, don't you? Expressi, nespresso... what, you don't get it? Never mind. Maybe the comparison of an $89 machine to a $400+ one resonates... or the fact that the ALDI coffee pods are about a twentieth of the price of the um, nesi.. ones. So okay there's no warm fuzzy sense that a little bit of George Clooney has come in to your home with this version, but hey, try wiping the smile from your face knowing that your latte cost you 35 cents and not $4 from your local cafe.

Oh and did I mention its ease of use? If one is faced most mornings with getting four children breakfast while at the same time finding their uniforms and packing their lunches, plus trying to get out the door while looking vaguely presentable yourself, one needs an easily made coffee! Tick!

Now recently I had the VERY RARE occasion of finding myself in a department store sans children. Goodness, I felt quite giddy! So giddy in fact that I found myself seated at a beauty counter and getting a mini makeover before I could yelp: FREEDOM! A lovely lady named Rebecca proceeded to make over my face with a brand of cosmetics I had often admired but never had the confidence to try. I discovered foundation had come a long way since my previous favourite was discontinued about five years ago (and no, I hadn't got around to finding a replacement - what can I say? I'm low maintenance!) Forty minutes later and feeling quite glam (with, as usual, nowhere to go) I walked away with a new face, some new knowledge and a new product that made me feel I'd bought something a little luxurious for me that didn't even slightly resemble nappy wipes or nipple cream (which some members of my family insist on using as a lip balm, I kid you not).

ALSO, and I'll say this quickly, in case any of you have a problem with it. I came home and looked online at a few of the products Rebecca had shown me that day that I hadn't had the nerve/funds to buy. I know many rave about and other online cosmetic meccas, but can I just say that EBAY for me, beat the others hands down. While I'd balked (understandably I think) at buying a branded foundation brush for AU$40 (which probably would have ended up being used for the next kids craft project) I found the very same brush from a UK seller, for AU$12.

Once I got on a roll, I found some other impressive items like this great brows kit from Benefit (I generally get mine professionally sculpted once a year, and then spend the next 12 months wondering why something that appears so easy, is actually so difficult) which was AU$20 as opposed to AU$55.
Benefit Brows a-go-go
Anyway, enough on the online bargains/death of retail scenario, there's a great deal currently available here in Australia, where if you buy just 2 cartons of Peters Light & Creamy Icecream (from Woolworths), you can get a FREE magazine subscription (six titles) for six months. Of course, ahem, the icecream is for the kids, but the magazine subscription is MINE ALL MINE!!!!!!
Hurry, stocks are limited!

There's something about a magazine arriving in the post that can brighten any droll day. Then you'll just have the challenge of finding the time to sit down with some icecream an expressi coffee to read it!

And finally, if you have the chance to check out an opshop or two, give it a go! They are full of winter coats at the moment and whether vintage or new(ish) the choices can be amazing! You'll give your winter wardrobe a boost and have recycled at the same time. Over the years I've picked up a fabulous royal blue military style woolen coat by AquaScutum and a handmade berry coloured 3/4 length woolen coat that fits me like a glove! I paid $40 for fabulous quality that will last me a lifetime!

If op shopping is not your thing, try for fabulous vintage finds online.

Here's some great vintage coats I found on Pinterest:

Both coats from via

I'd like to hear of any ways you might have to add a little something to jazz up your life, or why you don't need to (although residents of French Chateaus need not respond...Merci).


  1. Just picked up some new khaki Converse Chuck Taylors with a tartan inner for $20 at Rozelle Markets! Wife is loading up on eBay-bought Camper shoes, from flats to boots. Usually under $50/pair.
    Haven't used your foundation in a while myself.

  2. Fab sounding recycled bargains Luke! You and Anna are true brother/sister-in-law/kindred spirits! I'm sure there's a man version of the foundation - will hunt it down for you! :-) Sarahxxx


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