Today was a Fairytale
I was in the car last night, on my own, which hardly EVER happens, and Taylor Swift's Today was a Fairytale came on the radio. I sang it at the top of my voice (windows up) and had a ball. Had a ball - get it!? Surely that line comes from a fairy tale? Once I started thinking of other fairy tale links I could hardly stop. I'd also been to the movies recently (hardly ever happens either) to see Snow White and the Huntsman (loved it by the way. Charlize is one scary step mum!) It made me realise how timeless and appealing the whole fairy tale realm can be..

A quick peruse of our bookshelves and I lost count of the number and versions of fairy tales we owned. Arch is currently obsessed with a little book of Cinderella. His attention span isn't great and he actually prefers holding the book upside down while I try to read him snippets, but hey, it beats Mr Men.

Two books currently on my MUST READ list, which have elbowed out several other titles for their place at the top are:

BITTER GREENS by Kate Forsyth

An exquisite retelling of the Rapunzel story, this is a fairy tale that has always fascinated me. I would much prefer this romantic and dark telling of the story than say the Sesame Street version, which contained a shrieking girl atop a tower and a hapless prince trying to get her down. If it ever comes off the reserved list at the local library I will endeavour to review the book more thoroughly for you here.

And I heard Jodi Picoult interviewed about her recently released BETWEEN THE LINES co written with her daughter and taking the idea that fairytale characters may come to life and have different ideas about happy endings. I love the premise, one we've probably all considered at different times, and it will be great to see how the Picoult powerhouse has dealt with it..

When I checked my Kids Clothes and Stuff board on PINTEREST, I found it awash with fairytale paraphernalia. I'm trying to get serious about decorating my girls' room (the painter is on standby), and fairytale decorating ideas abound. Frankly I have no idea how to fit all my ideas into one room. But if I could just get Jonathan to agree on the small addition of a turret I'm sure my visions would become much closer to reality..

A few ideas so far:
  • Framed book covers on the wall (like the vintage ladybird readers posters I've blogged about before)
  • Fairy lights, or butterfly/dragonfly lights hung along canopies and draped from the ceiling
  • If I'm going to decorate with letters I'll choose words like: DREaM or ImAGINe
  • Room Seven cushions, which I've been buying off ebay for a few years have wonderful designs including castles, carriages and princesses
  • a turret
Mim was invited to a little friend's party on Saturday. That morning I spotted her studying the invitation with a worried look on her face.
"Is it a princess party?" she asked.
"Well," I said, taking the invitation and noting the pony pictures and non-mention of a theme. "It doesn't say it ISN'T a princess party. Why do you want to know?"
"I want to wear Ellie's purple princess dress." I saw desperation in her eyes, and knew this was one of those times to embrace the fairytale magic.
"Well then you should. And I'll paint your nails with glitter and draw a sparkly heart on your cheek."
And then because sometimes when you're a mum there's a practical element always struggling to assert itself over the romantic one, I added:
"But you'll have to wear your purple vest, cause it's cold outside."
Mim's face darkened, I could see a Charlize moment coming on.
"Don't worry," I said quickly, "it has a furry hood and that is perfect for a winter snow queen princess."
She smiled and all was well.

and another favourite picture of mine from PINTEREST and the final word (for now) on fairy tales:


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