Ecstatic in Snow

I've only been skiing once. I wasn't very good at it, but I'd like to think that after a day of concentrated efforts, I got vaguely competent enough to experience the thrill of it. How gliding down through the pristine whiteness seemed so effortless (hardly!) and exhilerating (totally!) - and when it snowed I felt I was in snowy heaven. The world was so beautiful.

On Sunday night I saw the final episode of Downton Abbey (season 2) where amidst delicate snow falling, Matthew proposes to Lady Mary. It was a swoon worthy moment. It was hard to believe that Mary wasn't suffering from frost bite as she stood serene in her rather filmy 1920s burgundy dress to await Matthew's declaration of love. What mattered was the snow..

After that, I felt like decorating with snow. Which made me unearth our snow globes. However, in two days both were broken (culprits shall remain nameless). I'd displayed them as a tribute to the snowy season, against snowy scenes (actually 1970s placemats of New Zealand). But their time was short lived (unlike the placemats..) Now they're just a tribute to the fact that anything breakable in our house, inevitably gets broken. Sigh.

Above, smashed - below, cracked and leaking..

Anyway, because I refuse to let the destruction of my tribute to snow affect my demeanour, I discovered via PINTEREST that it is possible to make your own snow globe. And unsurprisingly Martha Stewart can show me how. I'm so excited. Will keep you posted on my efforts.
And if for some inexplicable reason like severe tiredness brought on by too much exposure to Martha's sub human levels of creative productivity, I could always make a snowy winter cloche like this one below. So lovely.


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