Embracing Winter

I am officially ready to embrace winter now. I'm done with staring back longingly through the archives of our summer photos. The summer clothes are securely packed away and the house heating is turned up to high, well, except when certain members of the family go around muttering about 'cost cutting' and turn the thermostat down or (horrors!) off!

And there's lots to love about winter, from cosy fires, tasty hot chocolates and ugg boots to rich coloured jumpers, flushed faces and pots of soup - inspiration is everywhere, adding a certain sense of rustic heartiness to your home, your wardrobe and your dinner table.

So I thought I'd start with some of my favourite winter books. Hope it inspires you to add a little winter cheer. Happy first of July!

Winter House by Charlotte Moss

This book is just too gorgeous for words. Charlotte Moss is a high end interior designer in America. This book is based around her "Aspen home" that she shares with her family in the winter months. Okay, so the lifestyle is obviously beyond our reach, but I can still find many ideas in her rich style and ability to bring homely warmth and character to diverse spaces. Her rooms have an exquisite balance of luxury and the every day mixed together. She piles books on tables and cushions on chairs. Thick paisley curtains are draped over windows and from door frames. Warm lamp light highlights jewel coloured flowers reflected in the gleam of shining silver and mercury glass. Framed art, pictures, postcards and maps cover the walls. And she subscribes to this dear quote:

"Ah, there is
nothing like
staying home
for real comfort."

Jane Austen 

I can only agree.

But if one wasn't at home during the winter months, then certainly there are some fine alternatives to be found in this little tome HIP HOTELS SKI.
Featuring ski hotels in North America and Europe, there are wild isolated rustic retreats through to modern and eclectic venues. You may not be a skiier yourself (I'm not) but even I can see that the skiing vibe is way cool (ha!).  
And as for some warm winter reads, when you do find yourself lucky enough to be curled up under a mohair blanket (mine was a 21st present from my grandma in blue and white, and I love it) with a beautiful mug (try the Kate Spade range) of hot chocolate (any kind will do - my pantry is overflowing!) - then peruse your bookshelf for an old favourite. Hmm, so many books, so little time....

p.s. If the thought of starting, let alone finishing a book is just enough to send your head spinning at the moment (school holidays are not holidays for EVERYONE, that's for sure) then perhaps you're better off with a magazine? My favourites to flick through at the moment, include DELICIOUS for its luscious comfort food and Australian COUNTRY STYLE:


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