Fab Finds

This week I tried to take Arch to a junior jivers group. It's grooving for toddlers. When the kids put music on at home (God Rock by Colin Buchanan a current favourite) Arch is up and twirling straight away. I even detected signs of an 80's stomp there, which was my favourite move for many years, so that was kind exciting.

Anyway, due to a few miscommunications (update your website people!) we couldn't get in to the class (Arch's dancing will just have to stay private for a while longer.) But my spirits were buoyed by the existence of a favourite op shop right next door.

I went straight for the glassware as I was hoping for some vintage jars with lids for making snow domes. I didn't find any of those, but was pretty excited instead to see some thick green glassware. I know Kosta Boda when I see it/pick it up!

Not everyone is keen on Kosta Boda (since 1742), although didn't every family in the 1970s/80s own one of their snow balls to hold tea lights in at Christmas? Whenever a wedding invitation arrived in our letterbox when I was growing up, my Dad would rush out to buy the happy couple some of the Swedish glassware.  He loved the grape design, and I have some of the grape plates. They are quite organic, with irregular sides and thickness. Just lovely.

Amongst my platters, plates and bowls, in recent years I've added some of the more modern "MINE" range.  With brilliant bright colour swirled through the thick glass the vases and glasses are pretty popular. I have some of the glasses in pink and black/purple picked up in after-Christmas sales. They look amazing filled with fruit punch or strawberry parfaits. They are the cast iron pot equivalent of glassware, and not for the faint wristed.

These five light green glasses were a steal at $3 each. Woohoo!

My happiness continued when I discovered these yellow gingham ballet flats in my size for $8.  I know I've been trying hard to revel in winter but I picked these up and thought: Yoo hoo, summer here we come!

and the sadness of missing dancing was almost forgotten when I picked up this esprit faux patchwork summer skirt that complemented the shoes so well. All I'll need is a crisp white shirt and my trusty denim jacket to top it off for a more than cute summer outfit.

This bracelet was $2 and I love it too. I'd better stop or you'll be getting annoyed with me for ignoring Arch while I cleaned up on the bargain stakes...

We came home and after a coffee (me) and milk in a real mug (Arch) we agreed the day hadn't been a failure, thanks to our fab finds. Now just have to find a new dancing class..


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