Eclectic Finds

I thought I'd showcase a few of the eclectic range of fun objects, clothes and pieces I've found recently in my trawls. At the moment my brain is fried (something to do with school being back and again having to keep track of library/sport/excursions for three different children) and I've given up on trying to compose something more ordered or profound. Maybe next post... This great cutlery with patterned handles was $2 a piece in a homewares shop in the mountains. We're always short on spoons (why? why?) but I've always been reluctant to buy new ones that didn't match everything else.  These delightful  mix and match patterns just look so great on their own it was no longer an issue. Soup and dessert have taken on a whole new meaning..     blue and cream stripes                                             red gingham                t a r t a n   t a r t a n   t a r t a n  t a r t a n  blue and cream stripes 
When I found this nautical jacket in a local op shop I got very excited as who didn't have a sailor's dress/outfit when they were little? I loved mine and have always been so sorry it wasn't kept as they were generally made out of wool and seemed to last forever! I bought this not being entirely sure which girl would (if either) want to wear it. However Mim has taken a liking to it. It seems to be vintage (like myself), is fully lined in dark red silky polyester and has real brass buttons and toggles - no junky plastic here! I wouldn't have teamed it with a disney princess skirt myself, but what can I say? The girl has style!

okay, this definitely needs something taller in it..

I've really liked the glass cloche/dome as a decorating item for some time, but finding them in op shops hasn't been easy. They are a beautiful way of displaying interesting objects and putting things under glass seems to conjure up an aura of special. The women at my favourite haunt, "Note to Self" ( have made up some beautiful displays of silk thread bobbins and velvet flowers under glass domes, and covered the timber base in velvet which looks so romantic and victorian looking. The more industrial/scientific style of Sibella Court ( is also suited to the look, although she uses much more serious looking speciman type jars than my '70's cheese board/dome above!

I am definitely on the look out for more glass domes and just have to remember that they need to stay out of rooms where any bouncing of balls or sock wrestling is likely to occur. Similarly, they also need to be kept away from cute mini inquisitive destructor beings like this one I found unravelling rolls of my ribbon.


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