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We've had a busy Easter. I've returned home to MOUNTAINS of washing, a messy house with school stuff strewn all around (we kind of left in a hurry) and a week to get on top of things, and get rested, before the start of Term 2.

For the Easter long weekend, and a couple of days either side we attended the Katoomba Easter Convention (great enrichment and blessing for grownups and fabulous kids program for the littlies), while staying in a gorgeous restored home, that overlooked Mount Solitary and truly stunning views.

Seriously, this was directly across the road!
It was a sight to behold and the weather stayed gloriously good for the ENTIRE week and a half we were there - which is practically unheard of!

We managed to fit in a few trips to crowded coffee shops, bookshops, antique stores (to protests from kids) and even some not-too-long and rather enjoyable bush walks (to mild protests from me - I didn't take appropriate footwear - yes probably on purpose!)

The girls got addicted to hot chocolates and so did I after trying a chilli cinnamon hot chocolate at the Gourmet Deli in Leura.

I had high hopes of taking wonderful photos of so many great things while there (not ALL of shops, but well, some) - but I was either in the right place without the camera, or in the wrong place with it. I have a lot of shots of the kids pulling faces, pouting and grizzling. Don't worry, I have no plans to share them.

We celebrated Jesse turning 9 as well - and as he doesn't like cheap sponge cakes from the supermarket (love sophisticated tastes in primary aged children, don't you?) we went to the delightful Hominy Bakery in Katoomba where he chose a delectable Chocolate Truffle Cake.

All round had a merry and blessed Easter where the busyness was tempered by some blissful moments of (relative) quiet to stop and smell the roses, and stare at the wonders of creation. So enjoyed catching up with family and friends while temporarily stepping aside from city life and all of its distractions. Of course, it wasn't long enough, so am already looking forward to doing it again next year.


  1. I'm pretty sure we've had some happy meals in that cafe with the bright green walls. It looks just beautiful in the pictures, and I'm glad you had a good time!


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