all things floral


We're a rather fragrant household at the moment - due to the happy occasion of a 15th wedding anniversary!
I love having flowers around the house, particularly the strong scented oriental/day/tiger lillies. They provide a visual and atmospheric lift - and natural bright scents sort of leave candles and other manufactured options (however lovely) in their wake. Note to self/husband: must have more fresh flowers around the house.

And speaking of all things floral, I thought I'd highlight a few lovely flowery things we're enjoying at the moment. These rather adorable tealight candles are in the shape of hyacinth bulbs, and the base wax looks like real dirt! I love them too much to light them so far. I fear they will not last long once the wick is lit!

While in the mountains, I got to check out a few of the wonderful quirky clothes shops and after a tip off from a friend, visted Rare Birds in Wentworth Falls to check out these fabulous socks/tights/leggings.
They are made by Dub & Drino and the designs are amazing!
Mim wanted to wear hers straight away and I think the brand should come with a warning: DANGER! Wearing these socks may lead to uncontrollable waving of arms and prancing legs!

And finally on a floral note: Sydney has had A LOT of rain in the last few days. So the current season's footware of choice, ballet flats or fabric wedge heels, were proving woefully inadequate. I had no choice but to wear my gumboots. Penny Scallon designs always make me happy and her kids stuff is fantastic. (N.B. I would not recommend wearing gumboots while driving, as ankle movement is quite restricted. Just saying..)


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