Baby Days

I was busy telling friends over Easter that Arch was now 14 months old, until it struck me that if he was born in December 2010 (he was) and it was now April 2012 (it is) my maths didn't add up. He is 16 months old and I'm slightly panicky that it's going to be hard for me to legitimately call him a BABY for much longer...

He is walking, pointing, making a thankyou noise (da di), has a light head of hair and for the last 6-8 weeks has slept through the night!! Hoorah!

Yes, he is eating chips. What can I say, he's a fourth child!
 He is into everything, loves being outdoors and getting dirty, still sniffs a blankie, loves his brother and sisters, and is ready for big boy shoes!

So I thought I'd take a moment to showcase a few items we've enjoyed during the treasured baby period (which is almost over, but not quite yet):

Handcrafted in Tasmania, these soft soled leather shoes have been worn by all my children ( and the range of colours and styles means there's something to suit every baby/foot/style. So much smarter than just wearing socks - and unable to be pulled off! Look on ebay if you don't want to pay the (reasonable) retail price.

The wooden train rattle by HABA ( was a gift from my sister-in-law. This Danish brand is imaginative, well made  and generally just gorgeous. Perfect to give as a gift and available from all snazzy toyshops/websites.

The cardboard Peter Rabbit blocks were actually a gift for Jesse, nine years ago. They sat on top of a bookshelf and looked nice, but I must admit I thought they were a bit useless. However, Archie has LOVED them. He spends ages stacking them one inside the other and carries them around the house. He initially screamed with laughter at knocking down towers we'd built, and now finds it equally hilarious to knock down the towers he's built himself!  (

And finally another firm favourite was my peanut sling. I'd tried other baby pouches in the past, but had found them cumbersome and uncomfortable. I'd decided I was just too small to carry the weight of my babys that way. However, with two children at school and one at preschool last year, I desperately needed an option other than capsule/stroller/pram for the multiple times I was in and out of the car with a new baby both morning and afternoon. The fabulous fabrics of the peanut sling caught my eye first. It's easy to find gorgeous designs for baby girls, and next to impossible to find anything attractive to suit baby boys (especially if like me, you have an aversion to cars, trucks and tractors..). The design of the sling was the next compelling factor. It was so simple and there was no need to be a contortionist to put it on/off. Here is a picture from the website, there is actually a new design that is adjustable (mine was just the one piece of fabric, and I started with a size small when Arch was new, and bought the next size up when he turned one). We're still using it and though choosing a pouch is a highly personal thing, I can't recommend these highly enough!


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