Decorating with Books


Well I just can't tell you the wealth of inspiration I am finding on It is a decorator/book lover's dream! From book nooks to libraries to cosy cabins, playrooms, bedrooms and beyond, the world of interiors is on show - and what a show there is!

The top picture illustrates how to decorate an attractive but rather austere and definitely clutter and book free room (of which I do not have any - but that's not to say I can't appreciate them!) with a dreamy painting of a book. Which isn't quite the same as decorating with books, but is still lovely, don't you think?

And the multitude of ways to decorate rooms for kids using books is seemingly neverending. Pinterest is full of the most inspiring photos of rooms to capture the hearts of minds of children, through books. What better way to help reinforce for kids that books are fun than by bringing them alive on their walls?! And it makes perfect sense to show off the covers of your children's books. I'm starting to feel funny about all of our wonderful books buried in the bookshelves now..
Reading in a bookshop at Christmas time
- but imagine having a wall like this at home?!
Pinterest has shown me you CAN!
I've also found some wonderful pics of vintage ladybird book covers, courtesy of ebay, that could make amazing artwork in a child's room. With a little googling, I discovered that the publisher sells copies of their vintage covers as posters ( Perfect for framing.

Imagine a wall of fairytale covers - I am!


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