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I love the way the shops are filling with stands of baking stuff for this time of year. It's like they know people are going to want to bake - and I must say following my stupendous pumpkin pie (for thanksgiving - photo to prove it) and my dismal attempt at cake pops (for Mimi's birthday - photos destroyed), I am now focusing on the multitude of events that require some form of  catering, that are standing between me and Christmas...

While I have some wonderful Christmas cookbooks that I love to peruse and occasionally even use, there are so many school events in the next two weeks that require a plate of party food this year that I have now embraced kiddie culinary delights of the boxed variety.

Do you remember that scene from I Don't Know How She Does It (I've only read the book, not seen the movie, so I assume it made it to the film) where the stressed out Mum, Kate Reddy, is painstakingly re rolling the tops of bought mince pies in flour, so they'll look home made? I would never do that.  I don't have the energy for pretence. Anyway, it's sort of half home made if you have to break an egg into the mix..

Meanwhile, we were excited to take the kids out last weekend and buy a new Christmas tree. Our previous one (fake too) has done fifteen years of good service, but was looking a little tired. Actually it was looking sad, and I pretty much demanded a new one. Wow haven't fake trees improved in fifteen years too! Our new tree has three different styles of fronds all mixed in - it's pretty realistic and is way taller than our old one.

Hilarious to discover that like with the purchase of lounges, what appears to be a small Christmas tree in the shop, can actually prove to be quite massive when you get it home.

Mim attempting to decorate (I usually selectively do a quality cull of kids efforts - thankfully their enthusiasm to decorate wanes quite quickly if you microwave popcorn and place it directly in front of the television).

Mimi hoping against hope the candy canes are edible

Mim declaring that unedible decorations are her absolute unfavourite

All romantic thoughts of a sophisticated colour scheme for decorations have (as usual) gone out the window as we have unpacked the boxes of decorations and entered into a manic rush to see how many we can fit on the tree. Sigh. Martha Stewart never had to deal with this...

Favourite decorations so far:

light up angels from Myer

pudding baubles from Ikea

velvety clip on birds from Bed, Bath & Table

Beaded trees and stars from Lincraft
What are your favourite decorations? I'd love to know..


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