A Floral High

Every spring we are taken by happy surprise when these fabulous red and white lilies (official name: unknown) pop out of their pots. For three weeks or so they sway in the breeze and dazzle us with their loveliness. The rest of the year, the pots look like they are empty of everything but arid dirt. Low maintenance is an understatement. Aren't bulbs amazing things?

Today I found this lovely retro bowl in the Camellia range by Johnson Bros. It was less than the price of a cappuccino and will look great with something Christmasy in it. It wasn't until I put it on a table near the window in our back room that I realised how similar the flower looked to our briefly fabulous outdoor lilies.

Speaking of floral, can I just change tack here slightly and admit now that I have NEVER bought clothes for myself from a Big W store. Big W, if you don't know, is a chain of large discount department stores. Great for kids playwear, sports, camping and cooking stuff, underwear, toys and even prescription glasses. They are not generally known for cutting edge women's fashion.

I found myself there this week looking for white cricket pants for Jesse. We had had one of those "Mum I need white cricket pants for tomorrow" conversations (that consisted of a supposedly innocent question from the nine-year-old, and rising hysteria from the ambushed mum). So, on my way to the boys wear section, I stopped short in front of a display of gorgeous spring outfits.

I saw too cute pale pink jeans with small white polka dots and flowy white tops with broderie anglaise lace. I was impressed. Then I saw floral jeans and knew I was going to have to come back to try them on, once the wretched cricket pants had been found. And joy, oh joy, four shops later, I found them!

As I raced back to the store I recalled reading a positive reference on a style blog to the Big W Emerson brand jeans. Was I willing to risk it? It might seem funny to have no qualms about wearing other people's clothes from op shops, but baulking at buying clothes from a discount store. I think my logic is that I'll happily buy used high end brands - because the quality and design is there, and they're cheap. But I don't like paying (relatively) cheap prices for items that are poor quality and style...if that makes sense.
(Okay, may have just officially outed myself as a brand snob..)

Well these Emerson floral jeans are super stylish, seem to be reasonable quality (I haven't washed them yet, so here's hoping the dye is stayfast) and at $24 are too good to miss.
The pink jeans with dots made me look like a speckled sausage.
These however, are floral heaven!
(photo taken from the knees down - as Arch, not yet two, is still deemed far too young to hold a camera)
(I checked the Big W website, and they don't seem to have updated their womenswear to the "spring collection" as yet. I think it might be sold out before they do...)


  1. The flowers are Hippeastrums.

    1. Wow - thanks for that expert knowledge. I had a faint feeling when I was lazily discarding the idea of asking someone (like my husband, who trained as a landscape architect and knows latin) what the flowers might be that I was showing my ignorance. Much nicer to hear it from you! sbd:-)


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