Crafty Cravings

I went to a craft night last week, not because I'm crafty. I was mainly there for the cake. The invitation said to bring some craft you were working on, and there would be coffee and cake and a chance to sit and chat. Not a bad way to spend a night I thought. So what if I'm not that crafty!

Not wanting to appear a complete fraud, I threw together a bag full of card making paraphernalia I've been collecting for a while now. Well, several years to be exact. I weeded out the more embarrassing efforts, the half-written cards, the stamped addressed envelopes never sent, the smudged stuff, the ugly stuff. Finally, I was left with a Martha Stewart sized collection of coloured card stock, stamps, glitter powder (my embossing faze), sparkly pens, paint pens, sketching pencils, cutting instruments, fine origami and trendy scrap booking papers, stickers, buttons.. not bad for a Martha wannabe!

Every Christmas I pull this stuff out in the hope that I might have a burst of talent and energy to make some cards. I used to take the bag on holidays, after all, there's so much more time after Christmas to make the cards - and people don't mind getting a few late ones. You can always blame Australia Post (sorry, that is dishonest so don't do that at home). However the bags were banned from holidays (not by me) a few years ago, as they were apparently taking up too much room in the car, and, it was pointed out, were hardly ever used.
Well, card making can be exhausting, and holidays are for rest, right?

So, at the craft night last week, I had a great time. And in two and a half hours I managed to make one card.
It was a very nice card. Who knows, maybe in about 50 years I'll have enough to send to all of my friends!?!

There were some great things were being crafted that night and besides eating some lovely cake, I was particularly in awe of the sewers. Such a valuable skill.

SO imagine my delight when one of the girls began a fabulous no-sew bunting project. I was suddenly alive to the possibilities. I could see a new Christmas craft, and one a non-sewer, non-crafter could even do!

At home my enthusiasm was met with scepticism.
"But will you ever finish it?" Jonathan asked, as he surveyed the fabric squares and triangles covering the kitchen table.
"What ever do you mean?" I asked, looking up from my project.
"Well, I'm just saying," he continued helpfully, "If it took you almost three hours to make one Christmas card, how long will it take you to bunt?"
"Very funny", I replied. "And by the way, bunt is not a word."

These are my triangles.
Cute huh!
And I've bought metallic thread. Next step is to hand sew a loop through the top of each triangle. I don't think I'll fix them in place, it'll be easier just to slide the flags along where you want them. Oh and I went to a craft shop this morning and bought some gold Christmas tree buttons. I'm going to sew them on to the front of some of the flags.


Because I can.
Because I'm a crafter.

p.s. Actually bunt is a word, but it has something to do with baseball and nothing to do with craft. So strictly speaking I was right.


  1. Of course you are! Can't wait to see the finished product! Is this the same fabric book?

    1. Not the book of silk squares. This was a smaller upholstery book, mainly of orange fabrics, but i've pulled out the more red ones. I'm really enjoying doing it. How is Larissa going with hers, do you know? Thanks for initial inspiration :-)


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