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Yesterday I made 48 ginger snowflake, Santa and sleigh biscuits for two class parties, and they looked very appetising. However there was no time to take a photo as we did the decorating (icing in a can + smarties) while eating breakfast and with the general chaos of getting ready for school, photos were the last thing on my mind.

Here's a little selection of some of the Christmas cookery items I am currently amassing in the flurry of party food preparation that is overtaking filling our time.

Decorative Christmas cupcake papers are everywhere, from the supermarket to more upmarket kitchen stores. I'm planning on making lots of chocolate cupcakes and doing a cream cheese frosting with a holly decoration (ala mini puddings) on top. the red and white stripey papers are my favourite, but the cream coloured ones are cute too.

I found these great stripey goodie bags from which are perfect for rocky road and other nibbles we like to make and give as gifts. The gingerbread house is a modest abode, but anything bigger can get out of hand! They only cost $5 each from Ikea (buy your own lollies) and will make a great holiday project for each child.

And here we have a contender for the best/worst (it's a fine line) Christmas Craft of 2012. Last Christmas my award went to the green macaroni wreath one of the kids bought home. It was so awful it was sort of cute, and I found it really hard to throw it out.
Here we have a pomander, or more precisely a pomander that has been sat on while Eleanore waited for me to pick her up from school.
Naturally she was devastated (she wasn't the one who sat on it) as this Christmas craft had taken about 3 days to complete. I tried to make it better by assuring her we could transfer the cloves to an orange at home. Three hours of piercing an orange with a wooden skewer later, I was wishing I'd hoyed the lemon out the car window and taken her to McDonalds for consolation instead.. 

Here's a picture of some great looking pomanders - my efforts don't appear quite as inspiring as yet, I may need more practise..
These beautiful flower sadly won't last until Christmas Day, but they are looking spectacular next to some Christmas cards and little photo books I love displaying on side tables in the lead up to a new round of celebrations.

Every year I make a few Christmas photo cards with pictures of the kids - it gives me and the wider family a great record of how they looked that year. See shutterfly for some fabulous designs and deals.


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