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Earlier this year when a friend and I were visiting a bookshop for my birthday, we came across a new range of children's books that made us swoon heavily. Taking much loved classic tales, such as Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre, the stories had been adapted in to board book form. They were a wonder to behold!
Published by BabyLit as a "fashionable way to introduce your child to the world of classic literature" - they are so delightful I have continued to enjoy them regularly throughout the year. Occasionally I even let the kids look at them too (when they have clean hands, which isn't often).
Last week I was happily browsing through a bookshop/toyshop with some upcoming birthdays and Christmas in mind (more on this panicked situation to come later), and was amazed again to find a new range of board books, similar in concept to the babylit range, and equally as delightful.
Known as Cozy Classics, these books, rather than picking out small details of the stories, and using them as a counting primer (as in 1 governess, 2 rich gentleman..) instead give us an abridged (obviously, as they only use twelve words - but such a masterful pick!) account of the tale. The twelve needle-felted illustrations are exquisite.
Don't you just love the detail of Elizabeth's muddy skirt (on the cover above) as she rushes to visit her sick sister Jane? The word used to illustrate that part of the story is:  muddy
They really are too fabulous for words!
Can you guess the ONE WORD that goes with this picture (above)?
If like me, you can recite the whole scene, as in, "She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me..." etc, one word may seem a big challenge. However I think they hit the nail on the head with their choice of: mean
The other title in this collection is Moby Dick. I've already bought it for Arch. Coming out next year are Les Miserables and War and Peace!! Anyone who can successfully put those epic tales in to twelve words should probably be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature (for Board Books?).

Do visit their website, as there's a competition to guess the character of a new book coming out. You can watch a video of the felter making the mystery figure (speeded up). It is quite amazing.

I guess these two wonderful ranges of books are my first recommendation for Christmas gift ideas for the upcoming season. Anyone with a new baby, a toddler they know or just a classics-loving friend will adore these as gifts.
I know I do.


  1. I tried to post a comment on the train but not sure that worked. At any rate, this is a marvellous find sarah!!! In fact, only when you mentioned Archie did I realise I was WELL on top of presents for neices/nephews etc but had given no thought to own children. D'oh. Just bought your recommendations, love the muddy dress so much. If you have any ideas for 4 year old boys who like craft, gardening and of course cars/trucks I'd be thrilled. Actually I think I've just answered my own question. Cheers L xo

    1. Knew you'd love them too Lis! Wanted to put up pics of every page - wait till you see them, they're just so fabulous! Have bought multiple copies now myself, and happy to gift some to your gorgeous kids if you'd like! Love a challenge, so will get back to you ASAP on 4yo boy connundrum.sbdx

  2. Oh and my child is actually 3.5 not 4?? Hmmm obviously on top of my game at work;)

    1. I think you have enough going on without worrying about a trifling matter of 6mths. Pretty much all details prove elusive to me these days. I mix up names/ages/birthdays etc. Early alzheimers?


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