A Soap Drought

An anguished cry rang out from the bathroom "Mum, we're out of soap!"
Actually, it was more along the lines of "Mum! We're STILL out of soap!"
Ouch. You know how sometimes there are things you KNOW you need more of, but every time you go to the supermarket, you get dazzled by all the items, and taken up with more pressing immediate needs - like buying the screaming hordes finger buns and drinks to keep them quiet for a bit, just so you can THINK! - and the ongoing items, which don't seem that urgent really, just keep falling off the list (mental or otherwise).
Except that if you forget these non-urgent items for long enough, they tend to creep up the list into the URGENT section - and suddenly there is a FAMILY EMERGENCY because there are at least three children in the bath who can't wash themselves due to the sudden absence of soap.

"Oh no, not no soap again!" I muttered as I made my way to the bathroom fairly sure that they were right, and that the generic bars of soap had all gone, and that even the stash of small hotel bars had been used up. The Christmas present novelty washes were also no more.

"You've got some nice soaps Mum," Eleanore pointed out, "But you don't like using them."
Love the way this child just seems to KNOW everything, including the things about yourself you'd sort of prefer that they didn't know.

Because it's true, I have quite a collection of special soaps. Many given to me as gifts, exquisitely wrapped blocks and bars in amazing and exotic fragrances. Some from overseas trips (taken by others) and some from glorious homewares shops where I've felt compelled to leave with something that represents the wonders of their aesthetic - and a bar of soap was all I could afford.. and I do have this aversion to using any of it. Instead I place it carefully inside drawers (to spread the scent) and in silver dishes and on shelves.. but never plan to use it.

Exhibit A
And suddenly it struck me that this was a pretty miserly approach to soap/ life. Was I really this mean-spirited? What had happened to my "life is too short not to use the wedgwood.." mantra?

So I've gathered as many of my beatifully gift wrapped soaps together as I can find, and for tonight's bath, I'm going to present them to the kids. I'll let them choose one (ONE!)to use, and try not to grit my teeth if it happens to be a particular favourite of mine. And while I'll still advocate vigilance regarding the whole "don't let it sit in the water and dissolve!!!' I'll try to concentrate more on letting them just enjoy using something abit special and out of the ordinary. And hopefully I'll enjoy watching them do it!

p.s. And I will try to learn from this, Even if I've already put on to the TOP of next week's grocery/shopping list: 
Soap for the kids! 


  1. Oh my goodness, whose blog is this, mine or yours? (My name is Kohana, and I am a soap hoarder.)

    1. Laugh out loud!! Those photos of my 'collection' were just the nice ones hanging around OUTSIDE the drawers. If I'd started rifling through drawers i could have doubled the number easy! Hey, have been wanting to ask you to go opshopping with me sometime. Interested? SBDx

  2. Its taken me about 30 years, but I have finally learned not to save up 'treat' soaps and toiletries. Now I always have a nice cake of soap for handwashing, and I do enjoy it every time I use it. Lifes little luxuries! And yes, a nice excuse to pop into lovely but overpriced boutiques!

    1. Kat, you can't have taken 30 years to learn that lesson, when you are only 28. Anyway, I hope your hands are lovely and supple from all that luxury soap you're using! Thanks for your msg. SBDx p.s. coffee soon?


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