Patchwork Chic

This is a fabulous (vintage!) woolen Patchwork Coat that my father-in-law bought new in the 1970s from Fifth Avenue, New York. It is superbly made, and looks as good today as it did forty odd years ago! My father-in-law used to wear it, to the huge embarrasment of my mother-in-law, to classical concerts in at the Sydney Opera House. He was such a spectacle! But what a fashionable one!
It reminded me that PATCHWORK is really a timeless craft - it doesn't go in or out of fashion, but for the people who love and appreciate it, it always looks good, whether you're wearing it on your back, snuggling under it in bed, or reclining on it in your living room.

And it is simply incapable of pretension - whether it's a homemade piece or a high-street item (from someone's Grandma to Ralph Lauren). Handmade or machine made can affect the price and quality, but it always has that homely, comfortable and accessible feel, don't you think?

Years ago I went to an exhibition of Australian pioneering crafts and saw the most spectacular CRAZY QUILT. I'm not up on the technical side of things, but it was a fabulous collage of all the offcuts of other quilts, no two pieces were the same shape or colour/pattern. I think it had writing on it and buttons sewn on to it too. I loved it! ONE DAY I am determined to attempt it. I think that crazy collage style kind of suits me. So one day...

Here are a few wonderful examples of patchwork I've found on PINTEREST:
I've picked up a few patchwork pieces on ebay for the kids, that I (and usually they) just LoVe.
In fact this will be the winter where Arch will step out in style, matching (or clashing, depending on your view) with his Dad.
His Grandfather will be so pleased!

Coat from Baby Gap
To see examples of crazy quilting, of course there is a website, so go to:


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