Inspiring Mums

I've used the excuse of Mother's Day to buy myself some lovely tulips. They are such a beautiful flower, as lovely before they open as when in full bloom. I was admiring them in ALDI, but rather sadly regarding the $10 price tag as too much to spend, when they were fortuitously marked down to half price. So I bought two pots.

My mum is away on holidays this Mother's Day. I'm hoping she has a fabulous time, as she deserves a great break. I've been thinking about her and the mothers of some friends I had while growing up. They really made a big impact on me and I have a lot to be thankful for.

One Mum of a favourite friend was the most beautiful caring person. She was eternally generous in giving of her time and help to anyone and everyone. Nothing was too much trouble, and her enthusiasm for life and little luxuries was contagious. I remember fresh fruit juices, pancakes with real maple syrup (one holiday she cooked over 40 for my family and hers!) and being allowed to spray on her heavenly Paris perfume when I was only ten! My love and respect for her was infinite.

Another Mum from my highschool days ignited my love for old books and foraged furniture. She took joy in beautiful china and made every room in her home special; delighting in embroidered linens, dried flowers, old silver and knick knacks. She knew the classics and loved music. She was such a caring person and made many kids feel welcome and loved (even with five of her own!).

My mum was always undertaking projects - she sewed (including my end of highschool formal dress, a rather ludicrous organza creation I gave her a picture of from an American Elle magazine to copy - she finished it at 2am the night before); made furniture (one Mother's Day we gave her a Triton Work Bench); painted with watercolours, oils and acrylics (some we laughed at - sorry Mum - and others we were in awe of); restored furniture and made quilts. She taught infants school for many years and had a fantastic impact on numerous kids besides us. She made our house a happy and positive place to be and gave us famous "buck up" speeches when we needed them. My mum was known for baking cakes at 10.30pm and laughing hysterically while cutting Dad's hair (he was never amused). I'd never attempt to cut Jonathan's hair, but I'm afraid the late cake-baking trait may be genetic..

I'm inspired by all of these women and my happy memories of them. None were perfect, which is a relief - but all gave of themselves generously, sharing their love, joy and talents freely.
I'm inspired to emulate their love, care and creativity.
It's a work in progress..

Raspberry Cream Macarons  -  a perfectly perfect way to celebrate Mothers!


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