Purple Possibilities

Stylish fashion choice or foolish fad?
and PURPLE??
I had previously been using a brushed stainless steel kettle which nicely matched the grown up 4-slice stainless steel toaster beside it.
But practically speaking, there were two problems with my well-used appliances. The kettle when new was self-described (in big letters) as: Whisper Quiet.
You know, 'whisper quiet', as in the description real estate agents give to houses situated next to eight lane highways?
So why did I dare to hope that my 'whisper quiet' kettle would actually boil water silently? It infact did the opposite - and was so noisy in its sole purpose that Jonathan had taken to using it in the laundry on early morning starts, so as not to wake the kids, or the neighbours. (I googled it once and the collective angst of the poor hapless people who were finding their 'whisper quiet' kettle to be anything but, was hilarious!!)
And as for the sleek and silver toaster? It could only be used on the minimum heat setting, and still burned the toast 50% of the time.
So having put up with these less than impressive appliances for several years now, I'd reached the stage of priding myself on sticking with them, not taking the easy route and disposing of them just for being less than perfect..
But as I rushed past a kitchenware shop last week and saw a Mother's Day Special with coloured kettle and toaster for what seemed like a BARGAIN price, it seemed like the right time to make an impulse buy.
I could have chosen red or black - but for some reason the PURPLE was calling "pick me"!
And so I did. And I'm trying real hard to like them. I do like them, I think.
I'm telling myself that they were a bright and bold choice that suit my fun/quirky personality.
Except that when Ellie saw them, she wasn't too impressed.
"They're very purple Mum"
"Yeah, but purple as in groovy, right?" I said hopefully.
"No. Purple as in weird." Weird is the new word for my seven year old.
So I guess the jury's still out.


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