Gleaming Silver Accents

I saw this cup, saucer and plate set today in an outlet store and  loved it on sight. It's a little bit shiny and gleaming - with a touch of glamour.
Maybe it doesn't look like much to you - but this is by Kate Spade, and made by Lenox in the USA. The Spade range is beautiful, from china and glass through to handbags and dresses.  There is amazing use of colour, but not in this special trio! The silver polkadots gleam on the rich arctic white of the china. The cup is beautifully proportioned and the weight takes you by surprise - especially if you're more used to drinking your tea out of something abit junky, flimsy, or (if you have kids) melaminey.

And it was a bargain (not a give away, but it was a bargain, really!) - on special and with an extra 10% off for a limited time. Just about everything else in the store looked kind of drab. But not this!

Sometimes, especially if you have kids, it's tempting to put things that are a bit special and b r e a k a b l e out of reach. Heck, at the moment I'm busy whisking things out of Arch's hands every day. He seems to be fascinated with delving into cupboards, and fine china and a baby/toddler don't mix.

The other Kate Spade item I own is also something pretty special. On an arbitrary ebay search for, of all things, "silver linen" (yes, occasionally I do seem to have too much time on my hands) up came a Kate Spade skirt! I love those moments. No one else was bidding and the owner had placed the 'as new' item on for a mere $30 (the retail prices are usually more astronomical). It was my size so I placed my bid and hoped for the best.

I was the only bidder and when the skirt arrived by post (the postman seems to know me by name, I don't know why) it took my breath away. The linen really is silver - it gleams! The pink, red and yellow woolen flowers are an amazing contrast. It's pretty out there this skirt, not what I'd normally wear for the school run. I almost wondered whether I should frame it rather than wear it. And it's so weighty. It makes other materials seem a bit flimsy and junky.
yes I have brightened up this photo, but it really is this amazing!
But I wore this skirt on Christmas Day and it was just perfect. And this afternoon while Arch was sleeping I made a Russian Caravan tea (with leaves) and drank it out of the new cup. It gleamed in the afternoon sunlight and made that cup of tea feel a little bit special.

Still, I might just email KATE SPADE NEW YORK with a small request: How about a range of cups and saucers in melamine?
Just for all the other times, when fine china - however gleaming - doesn't quite cut it. It's worth a try.

If you want to see other gleaming beautiful things by Kate Spade,
look here:

and my fave quote for the week:
"What a wonderful life I've had!
I only wish I'd realised it sooner."
Colette (1873-1954)


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