To Do List: 2013

I wrote last year about how I'm not in to new year's resolutions, and I'm not, truly. However, I do start each year with a vague idea about some of the things I'd like to attempt/undertake/achieve/complete in the upcoming twelve months. So I thought I'd put this year's airy fairy ruminations in to a post, just to you know, capture it as a permanent record of my intentions. Who knows, maybe I'll even succeed in one some!
  • Learn to use my NEW SEWING MACHINE! (Thank you Mum! This was a great Christmas gift, and I'm sorry if I ever said or inferred that you were not a good gift giver, because after Dec 2012, that is like totally untrue.)

Ellie is wearing an outfit Mum helped me sew from an easy peasy pattern.
My hopes of replicating this project on my own are not high, and I've already watched the Singer DVD about 3x!

  • Enter at least THREE short story competitions, not with any expectation of winning mind you. I just need a few deadlines in my life to increase my blood pressure levels. Low blood pressure is a constant worry of mine..
  • Get new bookshelves for the girls room and paint them in pinks to match their room.
  • Make something seriously crafty so that I can sell it on Etsy. (Do you need more than one item to open an etsy shop?)
  • Re-read the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis; Harry Potter (all of them) by J.K. Rowling; and re-watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies (sorry J.R. Tolkien. I know my limitations.)
  • Paint a decent picture and hang it on a wall in our home.
  • Get brave enough to hang a collage of pictures in our TV room. Here's my inspiration (thank you pinterest):

Country Living UK via Pinterest
  • Sew new curtains for the cubby house that the kids will be proud of.
  • With Martha Stewart as my guide, sort out the Tupperware cupboard, once and for all!
  • Teach the children to read music and learn some basic piano (well maybe ONE of the kids, more than one might be pushing it..).
  • Master a new form of technology/social media (no I can't be more specific).
  • Grow some stuff in the garden - the possibilities are endless here, and now that I've opened this Pandora's box, I'm far too tired to look at what's inside!

My Christmas petunias miraculously didn't die on the 45degree day we had last week.
The hydrangea bushes were pretty fried though.
  • Take Arch to the park once a week (maybe more than once, but I'm trying to be realistic here) and not spend the entire time wishing I was somewhere else.
  • Attempt the 15 minute workout several times each week, that I saw on the Real Simple program on cable in Dec 2011. Yes, it's taken me a full 12 months to reach that resolution. I feel better already.
  • Finally finish my Christmas bunting (started in 2012 and now aiming for display in Dec 2013 - yeah!)
I could go on, heck I feel like I'm just warming up. However today's resolution was to pack up the Christmas tree, and as the box is still buried somewhere under the house and only half the decorations have come down, I'd better move on.
So many goals, so little time.


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