freshening up

Sometimes the new year brings about the urge to freshen things up. No I'm not talking about re-decorating.
That would be SERIOUS, and require planning, a colour scheme, mood boards and worst of all, a budget! So time consuming! So 2012.
I'm talking about when you come home from having a not-particularly great day, flop on the bed and suddenly think: "I hate this quilt", or "This room depresses me". Do not despair, new years' decorating (sorry, I mean freshening up) ideas are here!

Quick ways to freshen the look of your bedroom (when budget is tight, as in, there really isn't one):

1. Use the sales as a chance to branch out and buy a new quilt cover. I look on the 'throw out tables' for bed linen that is massively reduced. While vibrant colours and wild patterns can be dazzling - even me, a colour enthusiast, can admit that neutrals/white is often best. But if a wild design is 85% off, then maybe it's worth a try - you won't have wasted much money if in six months you realise the fabric would look much better chopped up and used as a decorative budgie cage cover..

Or if the wallet is tight, visit op shops and fabric stores for remnants.  A new throw/blanket/panel of great fabric folded over the end of your bed can be a great way of introducing new colours and textures.

etsy, via

2. Get a lamp. Lighting can make all the difference in changing a gloomy bedroom or one that resembles a laboratory (if your overhead light is harsh or glaring) to a space that is relaxing, cosy and inviting. I see heaps of lamps in op shops - if the base is good, ditch the shade and look for a new one in the colour you want at a KMart, Target or fabric store. If you don't have the space or $ for a lamp, try re-using your christmas fairy lights. Drape them around a mirror or picture - it won't be enough light to read by, but it will give your room a warm, romantic look that can lift any mood.
Or here's another great idea - suspending lanterns (maybe left over from your Christmas decorating, or on sale post-Christmas) to be lit with candles or tea-lights when the mood takes you. via
3. Painting your existing furniture can also change your room's look without adding extra expense. You usually will only need to pay for a sample pot of paint - and you can use a favourite colour you wouldn't be brave enough to put on the walls!

Just a few ideas to start you off.
Do let me know how you go!


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