Hot and happy days

We left the Christmas detritus behind, hoping it would magically be cleaned up while we were away (that didn't happen by the way), and headed down south. Our annual pilgrimage to the coast is located near to where I grew up and to where Jonathan holidayed as a child. We mix happy memories of the past in with new made memories of us, our children, and our friends loving life, our surroundings and (most of the time) each other. Returning to the familiar sights and sounds of the sea crashing in our ears, and basking under big blue skies and sparkling sunshine made us relish every day.

"We have so many happy memories here Mum!" Eleanore exclaimed on our first day. That raised my happiness levels most of all!
This was Arch's first year at the beach when the surf and sand became his natural playground. He loved it.
Mim's an old hand at the beach - she fitted right back in, no worries.
Peas in a pod.
Arch comes from a long line of beachcombers, I think he'll be one too.


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