Australia Day Celebrations

We celebrated Australia Day on the 26th January - by dressing up, enjoying a BBQ and communing with family.
red, White and blue were the order of the day - in clothing, decorating and culinary pursuits. The kids went mad (okay, and the adults weren't far behind) with temporary tattoos, blue sparkly hair spray, flags and hats.

My Aunt and Uncle are great entertainers. They hardly need an occasion to justify getting together with friends or family, but when there's a theme to hang an event on, out comes the appropriate bunting, and then some!

Damper bread
My cake pops - freckles and red/white/blue.
They started dropping off the sticks - I blamed the humidity
My cousin Nick's fabulous salmon and Camembert
spring rolls w/raspberry sauce

Hot dogs for the kids
Red, white and blue jellies and ice cream
Arch fell in the fishpond, but recovered quickly; everyone ate way too much; cousins rediscovered the joy of chasing each other through the house and garden; cricket was happily played until the ball rolled down the drain; everyone took turns holding the newest baby and talking about the imminent arrival of the next one (not mine, thankfully); and the day was a great success.

Made me realise anew, as some parts of our country battled with fire and floods, that we have a lot to be thankful for...


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