Monday, 10 September 2012

La Vie En Rose

It's only a glimpse, but notice the pink wall behind the hutch in the top photo? That's la vie en rose from Porters Paints - now adorning ALL of the walls in our girls room. I'll admit when I first saw the room newly painted, I did catch my breath, and follow this by staring fixedly at the colour card to reassure myself that somehow that  small splash of colour was really the bright eye-popping colour which was now threatening to knock me out.
Our painter's having a great time. "I'm only used to doing these colours on a feature wall!" He exclaimed after the first two rooms were done. Coloured feature walls are a fairly modern invention aren't they? I personally think they've had their day. One coloured wall and three of Antique White USA or Hog's Bristle (which incidentally the painter said he was TOTALLY sick of after ten years of this duo being 'on trend') to me says you just haven't been brave enough!

Colour rules! Just ask Jesse (our nine year old) who chose RED LANTERN for his room. Whoa! It did cause us momentary panic when it was first done. And I'll admit, I did ask the painter (in a whisper so Jesse wouldn't hear) how easy it would be to paint over. The answer was, not very.  But now that we've started to put the furniture back in, the colour is a joy to behold. It's an art gallery colour - it frames everything and enhances it. Pictorial evidence will soon follow..
And I'm loving this idea for some more wall art. The challenge, obviously, would be coming up with the people/place names, favourite words you would use...
I'm going to enjoy coming up with some word combinations for the kids rooms. Over the weekend, while Jonathan was away, I think my preferred option would have been:

Which just goes to prove, you should definitely wait till you are in the right frame of mind before committing anything to permanent art status.
Wisteria is gracing our back fence, courtesy of our next door neighbours.

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